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Ducks, charming waterfowl that have captured the imagination of many, are known for their distinctive quacking calls, webbed feet, and endearing waddling gait. Domesticated ducks, descendants of wild mallards, come in various breeds, each with its own characteristics, be it the Pekin's snowy white plumage or the Khaki Campbell's prolific egg-laying abilities. These birds are well-adapted to aquatic environments, with waterproof feathers, enabling them to gracefully navigate ponds and lakes. Ducks are not only skilled swimmers but also adept fliers, often migrating over vast distances. Their quirkiness extends to their feeding habits, as they engage in dabbling and upending to forage for aquatic plants, insects, and small fish. Highly social creatures, ducks thrive in flocks, forming close bonds with their companions. Beyond their ornamental appeal, ducks contribute to pest control in agricultural settings and, of course, provide a source of nutritious eggs and meat. Whether seen paddling in serene waters or raising a cacophony of quacks in unison, ducks are a delightful and integral part of the avian tapestry.