Photo by Ben Moreland on Unsplash 
Brimmstone Farm boasts a lively and diverse flock of farm chickens, with over thirty members representing various breeds that add both charm and utility to the agricultural landscape. Among the feathered residents are the striking Barred Rocks, known for their distinctive black and white striped plumage, and the warm and friendly Buff Orpingtons, prized for their docile nature and golden-buff feathers. Adding a touch of brilliance to the mix are the Sapphire Gems, a breed appreciated for their vibrant blue-green egg-laying capabilities. The farm's collection of chickens not only contributes to the bucolic ambiance but also provides a practical yield of fresh and colorful eggs. The eclectic assortment of breeds reflects the farm's commitment to both functionality and the joy of keeping a variety of feathered companions.

Chicken Facts

  • Birds, including chickens, are considered the closest living relatives of dinosaurs. Chickens share a common ancestry with the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Chickens have excellent color vision and are tetrachromats, meaning they have four types of color receptors in their eyes, allowing them to perceive a broader spectrum of colors than humans.
  • Chickens have a remarkable ability to remember and recognize over 100 different faces, both human and fellow chickens, showcasing their cognitive abilities.
  • Chickens are known for their problem-solving skills. Studies have shown that they can exhibit logical reasoning and learn from experiences.
  • Chickens lay eggs in various colors, including white, brown, blue, and green. The color of the eggshell is determined by the breed of the chicken.
  • Roosters often perform a dance or "tidbitting" behavior to attract hens. They find and offer food to the hen while making a soft clucking sound.
  • Chickens experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, indicating that they likely dream. Scientists have observed rapid eye movements in sleeping chickens, similar to those seen in dreaming mammals.
  • Chickens come in a wide variety of feather types, from the silky plumage of Silkies to the extravagant plumage of Polish chickens with their distinctive crests.